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Aquarius horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


The week will come very instable for Aquarians by factors of Lunar aspectation. However, you will have some days that will be more favorable, for example the 3rd. day with the Moon in Gemini. The rest of the week would be convenient not to realize too many important moves, or travel.


In the laboral terrain you should give special attention to people in that environment, since some misunderstanding that after a few days will be clarified some way. However, you could avoid the bad moment relaxing in this aspect.


Ideal moment to stick to the couple, those born under this sign will have the possibility to be in a situation of amenable feelings with the loved person and give up all of itself. Dont not even a little, since the Sun in Gemini will make ideal the sentimental dialog.


An ideal week to realize a medical visit to remove all of that that is making you bad in some way. Discomfort could come unexpectedly, you should give special attention to all of that about the hepatic side, so, to take care of nutrition will be fundamental.

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