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Aquarius horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


During This week, some instability will be present in your lives, nevertheless, you should be patient because along the same you could go removing all of that useless stuff. The best day of the week will be the 1st, the Moon will be positioned in Gemini and it will replace part of the lost energy.


In the laboral terrain, it will not be convenient to discuss over any theme more over that you feel you are right about it. Lunar aspectation its not to favorable these days, so, the best would be to shut up and let time pass, this same will make you right.


The more stable during This week will be the sentimental plan, This Dont mean to set your couple aside because of your problems. On the contrary, unite more to her could make things simpler to resolve since you will be able to deliver a lot.


Although health is not in its worst moment, its important to emphasize that during this week you will have the possibility to attend situations that have been left unfinished in this aspect. Hence, the visit to the doctor will be a must to avoid greater discomfort, and yes, to follow his advice.

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