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Aquarius horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


The week starts instable for Aquarians, although could be divided in two parts. Itís important to keep in mind what will be the first half to make it easier. The best days will be 20 1nd 21 respectively with the Moon in Gemini. With this position, you could start to re-take situations that you could leave unconcluded during this beginning of the week.


The laboral terrain will be the one to shine and be in better shape during This week. Mercury, planet of work and economy will be in Gemini during these days, which will give you the possibility to get some vacations, a raise in salary and whatever you wish. Always very cautious to keep peace round you.


The sentimental plan will not be the best during these days. The more recommendable will be to let any type of dialog with the couple pending, since some uncomfortable moments could result and you need to prevent them.


Health could show some stumble during This week. Although it will not be serious, it could be somehow uncomfortable that will require medical attention and medicine to improve the situation that could be could be uncomfortable. The recommendation would be to be patient since it would be the only way to avoid feeling worst.

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