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Cancer horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


A great beginning of the week for Cancerians, the transit of the Moon in Pisces on the days 26 and 27 respectively, will give you an energy drive very intense to face any kind of inconvenience that come these days. Good for shopping (reasonable) alone or in company.


Very good week in the laboral, professional and economic. During these days, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you know from your place of work and ahead of the same. You will be needed by bosses and partners which means a plus in your professional career, Take advantage of the situation to increase your finances.


During This week, it will be very positive to declare your love to whom you feel it for. The aspectation of the Moon and the Venuss transit in Aries feed this kind of moves to bring positive results.


Health tends to come in a good mood a great part of the week, the other part you could feel continuous discomfort, even though not to intense on the muscular and bone system.

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