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Cancer horoscope

Week from april 23th to april 29th


A beginning of the week very favorable for Cancerians, the Day 23 starting the week, the Moon will be in Pisces and, until the 28 inclusive, Venus will be transiting Pisces too which will give you the chance to have a few days to dialog all you have in mind and all of what you will keep to yourself by fear to hurt susceptibilities.


In the laboral plan, it will be an ideal week to consider all of that that seems convenient for work. Weather new ideas such as furniture as well as the Cancerians with a high responsibility, could have internal dialogs with hierarchs of the same power as you and interchange ideas that imply a lot of money.


Feelings during This week will be very active and in plain sight of many people. But attentionbecause they could show what they want as well as what they dont want and this could bring a verbal interchange with the couple.


Health terrain will keep relatively stable inside the positive. Some discomfort may ocurre due to lack of physical activity and adding to that the possible climatic changes that you will be exposed to.

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