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Cancer horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


A great week for those born under This sign, the Moon will be in This sign the 28n and 29 days respectively, giving a huge energy as to face determined complex matters that you could have since some time ago. On the other hand, a short trip that you couldn’t realize, will have the chance to do it. Take advantage of the occasion.


In the laboral plan you should be cautious because will exist very good offers for you, however, some of them could result somehow deceiving. The more recommended would be to continue where you are and later start a new stage in the same place where opportunity could come.


The affective terrain will be amenable, romantic tours with the couple and some of them with Friends too. The fact to share with people in your life will give you a plus and will have more to dialog, communication with the couple is a basic requirement.


In the health plan, Cancerians won’t shine too much in this aspect given some affections in the respiratory plan that could leave you a little uncomfortable. However, it will be something circumstantial that you could resolve in a short period of time if you pay the necessary attention at the right moment.

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