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Capricorn horoscope

Week from september 17th to september 23th


The week could turn dense when experiencing changes of the Lunar phases. The same way these days will come as stable as to concretize all you have planned since some time ago. The best days will be 19and 20 with the Moon in transit on Virgo.


In the laboral, some people will try to avoid dialog with you, however, you will have the energy to deal with that, since your energy will be well focused and you could even get a salary raise this week. Dont let comments impress you, they could be out of place.


The good fortune in love will continue during these days just like the last one. Ideal to start to plan unions with a great commitment to enjoy with the couple, children proximity during these days.


Health terrain would be compromised when feeling too much energy and knowing how to administer it. This could cause headaches, shoulder and lumbar pain. In case to be heavy, you should visit a doctor. It always necessary to help yourself with alternative medicine

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