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Capricorn horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


The week will come in a very stable way for Capricornians, however it will not be the best of all as to make important decisions. On the other side, the best days for those born under this sign will be 30 and 31 respectively with the Moon in Tauro. Be Attentive to news from outside.


In the laboral plan, you must follow your instincts since it will indicate the path to follow. On the other side, to say No sometimes add s up, in specific cases you should apply them during these days.


A good moment to take a trip with the couple and Friends, even if its just a few days, it will be stupendous to realize it. On the other side, to let them love you in a free way, without blame, it will not be an error, take advantage of the situations that will give you life.


The health terrain could present some important changes which you should be attentive to resolve correctly. Its about handling as it corresponds the quality of life with a balanced diet and healthy if possible. Also, accompany it with exercise even though its just a weekly minimum time.

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