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Capricorn horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


A week that will start Little instable on the first half of it to later to stabilize itself in a positive way. The best days that Capricornians will have will be 1 and 2 respectively with the Moon in Virgo. Ideal to realize shopping for home and fulfill some little unexpansive wish.


In the laboral terrain new offers will appear in the same place that you are working with salary improvements. Although you should know that every proposal besides bring in more money, will carry with it more time to dedicate to it. Hence, the suggestion will be to think real good before make a determination about the theme.


In the sentimental plan you will be wishing to advance with the couple, to create new events together, convivence, family growth and all of that related to overcoming, both of you. Go slow to avoid mistakes.


Health will manifest in a prudent way, it could arise some discomfort related to low defense, some little infection that with treatment will last just a short time and you will be healthy shortly.

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