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Gemini horoscope

Week from april 23th to april 29th


Instability continue for Geminian during this week too. The Moon will be the most favorable for this sign, however, at the end of the week will have the possibility to improve the situation in an absolute way. The day 29 will be the best of all this past ones since the Moon will be positioned in Gemini, take advantage, it will be a good start.


The laboral terrain will have some inconvenience with workmates and/or bosses. Some dispute due to a different way of thinking will bother somebody. This will be a brief situation and it wont have consequences at work.


Love could get better notably for those born under this sign, however, you shouldnt let a situation of sentimental declarations from an unexpected person pass.


The emotional situation will be uncomfortable these days, instability in the physical plan will be something complex and for that reason, nerves will be altered. New discomfort is coming, same that will be destroyed with the passing of days and the fortitude characteristic of Geminian.

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