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Gemini horoscope

Week from september 17th to september 23th


The week will start very instable for Geminian, to the point of having a bad temper during the first days. On the other hand, you will have the possibility too to improve that situation the days 21 and 22 respectively with the Moon positioned in Libra in its best phase for you, Crescent.


The laboral terrain will keep on going great since Jupiter continues transiting Libra, This week will be ideal to realize investments if you have businesses, dedicate yourself to the study or acquire that which seemed complicated to pay. Thinking well, it will be perfect every decision you make.


In the affective terrain, you could have some setbacks the first days of the week. Later, everything will go back to normal if you appeal to dialog, your couple will need your time and above all your love.


Health could show some discomfort above all in the emotional terrain. Many opposing energies and feelings, will make that some muscular pain as well as neck, head and shoulders Appear. Light exercise would be a good alternative to improve the state.

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