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Gemini horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


During This week will be a lot of instability in the life of Geminian, nevertheless, closing the same, on the 1st day the Moon is in transit in your own sign. With this, you will have the possibility to obtain the energy that you may have lost during the past days. Take advantage.


The laboral situation tends to be instable due to the Moons aspectation during these days. Its not convenient to make any important moves since you wont receive the results that you look for.


In the sentimental terrain you will be supported by your couple that will make you good to face the instability in some other aspects of your life. A romantic date will make your heart vibrate.


Health seem to improve by stages, therefore, rest keep on being the more indicated like the past week. Exercise very but very moderate could be positive during these days, eat healthy and pay attention to very call from your body to take care of it as it corresponds.

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