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Leo horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


A great beginning of the week for Leonine, the best days re-charged with energy will be 16 and 17 with the Moon transiting Aries. A very nice week to start to realize social moves, new friends and general relationship that will bring you good news in several aspects of your lives.


The financial and laboral plan will be seen moving alright and with very nice results that seemed to be taking too long. Leo transiting Mercury will be giving good news possibility, since its the planet of work and economy. Take advantage these days since they could be more favorable than you could imagine.


The affective terrain will denote happiness although uncomplete, this could be due to some uncomfortable situation that seem hard to solve. If you do your part, you will be fine and in harmony with your couple. Patience would be the stars advice.


In the health terrain, it would be convenient to be Attentive to some food you could ingest, some uncomfortable on the digestive level although its just a passing one. Anyway, prevention and care it will help you to soften the situation.

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