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Leo horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


A very good week for Leonine, you will at your disposal activities that since some time ago you wished to realize and it got complicated by other reason. On the other side, the best days will be 30 and 31 with the Moon in your sign generating a very intense energy in your being.


During This week, the laboral terrain will look very interesting with some changes that will leave you surprised in a positive way. You will have the possibility to demonstrate your abilities in the sector you like the most. Take advantage of the situation.


In love, Leonine will have an important turn, you should take advantage to formalize with the couple, those who have one, and those who dont, will have great possibilities to find it, since Venus will be in Aries.


In the health terrain, you should pay attention to all related with nervous tension, since the same could cause muscular discomfort in a large scale. Besides that, to visit a doctor is not a bad idea since he could guide you through a treatment that could help reverse the discomfort caused before.

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