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Libra horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


The week for Libran, will not be stable at all, on the contrary, the first half and a little bit more, will be in a a complicated instability. After these days, you will start to recover energies to keep on going as usual. A constant fight will make you stronger, the best days will be 20 and 21 respectively with the Moon in Gemini.


In the laboral terrain you could feel more comfortable than anywhere, since we will have Gemini in Mercury, planet of work and economy. With this, energies for this point in your lives will be in order, although it will not be convenient to rush decisions, you could go analyzing those offers that are appearing.


In the sentimental plan, you will start to experience nice moments after the 19th. Day, while the right date comes, the more convenient would be to stay calm and dialog the fair and necessary to avoid possible conflicts. Just a few days of patience and everything will go back to normal.


Having in mind What your energy will be experiencing during This week, it will be convenient to understand that that some discomforts could be coming mostly in the emotional system of Librans. Remember that this learning experience it will only be circumstantial and soon you will feel comfortable in your health

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