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Libra horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


The week will come with a lot of instable activity, the best thing with This would be not to realize too moves. On the other side, even when the Lunar aspectation will not be the best, you will have a day in which in some way you will be back to normal balance in your lives. This day will be the 13th. With the Moon in Gemini.


The laboral terrain will be in a way a Little harder to understand. A lot of work and little help. Although despite the little confuse time, with the passing of days you will have the possibility be helped in some punctual aspect, which you will thank deeply. Patience.


In the sentimental terrain, some conflicts in the dialog with the couple will arise the first days of the week. Past the half of the same, you will intend to go back to a loving communication full of understanding without confrontation.


In the health terrain, you could have some break down of little importance although with a lot of discomfort. This will be noticed in thebe helped by emotional side mostly, lack of energy to realize activities, tiredness, etc. Visit the doctor if necessary.

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