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Libra horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


This week comes very instable for Librans, with which the best option will be not to realize any activities or make decisions that imply too much attention and strength since the results couldn’t be the expected ones. However, the day 1 the Moon will be in Gemini and this will give you back part of the lost energy.


In the laboral aspect, the best will be to let some things you don’t like to go away. Remember that the week will not be stable, if you make decisions during the same, you could regret them in the future. Let them flow.


The more stable plan would be the sentimental one, passions that start to develop in a good way, love that gets to your lives and the beginning of something stable that will give you an important vitality to keep ahead.


Health will be a Little confused, mostly over that which must do with emotional plan. Moments of sadness and some anguish that will be vanishing as this week passes by. Remember that they will be circumstantial situations and nothing that stops permanently in your lives.

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