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Pisces horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


During This week with the Sun in this sign already positioned, you could notice a great difference of emotions and general activities. Having the Moon in its Waning phase these days too, you Piscean will be able to generate firm and decisive changes. Donít carried by negative comments, the week is already given to you.


In the laboral terrain, some people ready to bet for some of your Project will appear. Piscean who are artists, of any kind, will have a lot of possibilities to show the world your abilities, at least in a


In the sentimental plan, the best would be that your heart be centered in what you really want and love. This week, hesitation will be negative because it would be necessary a change of attitude and be firm. Take advantage of your Su


Health tends to show strong, which all Piscean that go through chronic diseases are advised to take advantage of these days to realize routinely control checkups and appeal to alternative medicine that could produce good results in the long run, and that you, of course, must keep on doing with your main doctor

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