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Pisces horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


During the whole week, a very complex instability will come. Although itís advisable not to rush decisions in the running of these days. Neither will be necessary to be quiet. On the other hand, the day 22 with the Moon Transiting Cancer, Pisceans will be more comfortable and will start to recover those energies that seemed lost.


In the laboral plan you should try to avoid long dialogs with your couple. A jealousy air will be breathed in the environment during a few days. Hence, indifference and make notice that there is no interest in it, will defeat your coupleís bad feelings toward you. Patience and a lot of calm.


In the sentimental plan, you will be more stable than the rest of situations of life. The couple will propose something special, it would be more correct and positive to accept said offer since you will have the possibility to feel happy with the decision taken. Enjoy day by day the love you have at your side.


With the passing of This week, the health terrain will be very sensible to difficult situations such as the respiratory system. Above all, every discomfort that you could have, will be a product of your emotions that will be in disorder. Once this is set where it belongs, your health will be way better.

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