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Pisces horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


The week will show very positive for Pisceans. The best days will be 26 and 27 respectively with the Moon transiting this sign opening this way a great week. Go shopping in a normal way (not too much) short trips and new friends during these days could result highly gratifying for your soul. Take advantage.


A very positive moment is here on the laboral field, people in your surroundings with a higher position will be able to observe carefully all of that related to your position or Work.


The coming days in the sentimental terrain could be satisfactory. When the right person approaches, you will have the opportunity to give love and not only to receive it. Open up your mind and heart it will be the riskier test for the sweet Piscean


Health tends to feel hurt in the muscular system due to too much effort, weather for Work or exercises. Both things must have an order to avoid these discomforts. Careful with that.

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