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Pisces horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


During the beginning of the week, Pisceans will be in a very nice mood with very beneficial results in the activities you decide to undertake. The week will start in a very positive way with the Moon in Cancer on days 28 and 29 respectively. You could enjoy as maybe you didnít do it before.


In the laboral terrain you will be in the right moment to ask for vacation or a raise in salary. What itís not doing to be recommendable is to ask both things at the same time, because it wouldnít look right and you would risk to not obtain any of them. You will be well aspected these days to get what you wish in this plan, without abusing of course.


Love relationships during this week will be prepared to obtain what you wish, they will be days in which you can obtain much more than normal in this sense. Although you must be careful to ask more than you could give, since this could happen


Health will come in a positive way although with some care due to feeding excesses above all. You will have to take care of the digestive system that during these days will be the more important to deal with.

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