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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from march 26th to april 01th


A week that will join the rhythm of the past one, nevertheless will be instable in a moment. The best days will be 28 and 29 respectively with the Moon in Aries. These days will be great to realize all kind of financial moves and try to find solutions related to paperwork.


The week will come positive in the economic aspect, laboral and financial. When you could imagine that, there was anything else to do, positive things start to happen in this level, astral movements that will provide the possibility to concretize past unfinished situations.


Good in the sentimental terrain, elections and intense decisions during these days, to Think in resolving it will not be enough and for that reason it will be the ideal moment to move in this plan and find a way to be stable.


In This plan, some setbacks will happen given that the immune system will respond in a better way to determined events. Beware of infections of all kind that could be close to you.

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