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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


A week will be very productive for Sagittarians with the Moon positioned in Aries the days 16 and 17 respectively. Many beneficial situations will happen for you and some others that seemed complicated will be solved thanks to the planetary alignment of the present week.


In the laboral terrain the week will come positive since Leo will be in Mercury, planet of economy and work. Although you will have some amenable offers to follow, some other situations will happen, in which you could set up to work some paralyzed projects. To intent something again could have good results.


The sentimental plan will be good to start some moves that were in stand by for different reasons. Love will be warm during this week, since Geminis (complementary opposed) is transiting Venus. Ideal to start any loving affair.


Some changes in health, instable but passing moments. Above all it would be convenient take care of all related to the respiratory system that will seem to be uncomfortable with climatic changes and with the change of temper that this type of symptoms and discomfort could cause. Walk and distraction will be good medicine for a re encounter with yourself and to feel more at peace.

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