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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


The week will be very positive for Sagittarians, since the Moon will have the days 30mand 31 position in Leo and besides the Sun Star keep on transiting in Gemini, complementary opposite of Sagittarius. Great days to realize shopping, travel and have some extra expenses for your simpler whims.


The laboral terrain will be noticed comfortable during these days, since you could advance more than expected in great part of what you do. Besides, you will have a remuneration higher than expected and that will give you a great satisfaction.


In the emotional terrain, some new people come to your lives with the intention to have different relationship with you. Remember that if you already are with a couple what this would do is probably cause you unnecessary trouble.


Health will manifest in a stable way, although some discomfort could happen with respect to the emotional sector. Different opinions over some attitude you adopt will bring as a consequence the annoying dialog of some people around you. However, you should let it go since you could have a raise or sudden fall in tension due to nerve breakdown.

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