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Scorpio horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


The best days for Scorpians will be 28 and 29 respectively with the Moon transiting in Cancer. This Lunation will give you a special energy, be it to realize a trip pending since some time ago or to buy or sell something that you necessarily need.


During This week, the laboral terrain will be one of the best you will have, you could ask for extra help o get some advance of projects to your colleagues in your surroundings. There will be a little intention of abuse, so, be careful with that.


The affective plan will look good, the relationship with the couple seems to be in its best moment delivering a lot of support in some undertakings. Be more demonstrative with your couple and you will have more positive results.


In the health terrain, you could have some break down of little importance although with a lot of discomfort. This will be noticed in thebe helped by emotional side mostly, lack of energy to realize activities, tiredness, etc. Visit the doctor if necessary.

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