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Scorpio horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


The week coming will be instable for Scorpians. You most make some complicated decisions, although it would be better no to make them if you could avoid them. The best day will be the 22 with the Moon Transiting Cancer, therefore the more convenient would be to try to avoid visits and deep commitments of any kind.


The laboral terrain will have some inconvenience during the week that comes. The same could come due to bad intentions of people close to you, the best decision will be to get away for a while from them and avoid deep dialogs. Everything will come as circumstantial.


In the sentimental plan, those born under his sign could feel the absence of the loved one. However, it will only be a sensation since they will always be present regardless of discussions you could have. Patience with the couple and everything will go improving little by little.


Health could manifest complicated situations with some problems that will be fixable in a short term. However, it would be convenient to visit a professional so they could indicate what way to go in this terrain if there is a constant discomfort.

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