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Scorpio horoscope

Week from september 17th to september 23th


A week that will come with some setbacks for Scorpians. The best you could do would be to keep the less possible dialogs with any person you appreciate, since Lunation could alter your spirit and make it react negatively. The best day will be the 23, with the Moon transiting your own sign


In the laboral terrain its recommended to realize group projects. If you wish to start with something new (although its not recommendable during this week) try to use your own means without involving colleagues or bosses. To look for alternatives in the same work will be alright in a few days more.


The sentimental plan could be the best during these days, jut let it flow and try to start to do things with the couple to let harmony in. To treat people good its always rewarded, the important thing is to remember that.


The sector that will be weak these days will be the liver and the digestive system in general, since rage is localized in those places. So, to realize any kind of light sport could help you a lot. Avoid stress as much as you can.

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