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Taurus horoscope

Week from july 16th to july 22th


A week that comes very stable for Taurean. The best days to recharge energy would be 18 and 19 respectively, with the Moon transiting your sign. Although situations that you could start living during these days are favorable. Itís always necessary an energy doses after a few hard days.


In the laboral plan, some conflicts could come related to people who are in your Work environment. Some discussion cause by senseless matters. The more recommendable would be to keep silence.


The sincerer love you would have, will approach you during This week, this doesnít imply a stable relationship if you donít wish one. The possibilities to meet tranquility in another person, will be at your reach and will leave a path of light and quietness to realize some things you will to be in couples.


Health for Taurean will come in a positive way and stable during This week. Hence, it doesnít imply to make out of the normal activities implying too much effort. To be resistant, doesnít imply to be invincible, you should be careful with all related to the muscular sector.

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