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Taurus horoscope

Week from may 28th to june 03th


The week will be divided in two parts for Taurean, the first it will not be so positive and stable, there will be some confrontation with some conflictive people in several aspects. However, the second week will be quieter and balanced. The best days will be 1 and 2 with the Moon in Virgo take advantage and realize some work for home during and after these two before mentioned days.


The economic plan keeps on growing during these days, however, maybe you should stop for a while so the results do not vary a Little due to mechanical failure of your organism.


In the affective terrain, some unexpected situations will happen but very gratifying. Surprises will come from the hand of the couple and you could enjoy them among you and with friends too. Enjoy the moment.


The health plan will give a break during some days of This week, those days that Dont be like that, will be because your organism is asking desperately medical attention from a professional. If you realize this, everything will improve notably and you will have a normal life without continual discomfort.

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