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Taurus horoscope

Week from september 17th to september 23th


During This week, Taurean will experience some complex situations. The days 19 and 20, the Moon will be in transit in Virgo in its Waning to New phase. This change of phases could affect the temper, although not to determine general instability in your lives in general. You just should wait for a few days to pass.


In the laboral plan, some offers will come that will confuse you during a few days. Although the week could be relatively stable, the recommendation would be not to make drastic decisions in the laboral terrain. When the opportunity for a favorable change comes, you will notice it.


Love for those born under This sign will bring important and radical changes during this week. You should take advantage of the situation that will come and try to live a relationship in which you decide what the limits are.


In the health terrain, some alteration in the emotional level could exist. The wish to obtain some things could make anxiety start with more potency. You could dominate this with time and meditation, its the more recommendable

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