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Virgo horoscope

Week from february 19th to february 25th


The week will present confusing for Virginians, however, two days of the same will be beneficial as to achieve some goal that you have, on days 22 and 23 the Moon will be in Capricorn. It will not be convenient to make deep decisions during these days.


In the laboral terrain, some Modifications will be projected that may not result at all amenable for Virginian. Nevertheless, with the passing of days everything could be seen from another more positive angle


The love terrain will mark a difference during This week, the first half you could feel some distance from the loving couple. However, the second half you will notice a very intense reconciliation mood that you will like but at the same time will cause some distrust.


health will reveal inconvenience in the hormonal system. When having this kind of discomfort, its a better idea to attack them from the beginning following directions of your main doctor to avoid chronical and dense with the running of time.

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