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Virgo horoscope

Week from april 23th to april 29th


A complicate week, instable, but with a tendency to improve after the second half. The Sun transiting Tauro will give you a special energy to tolerate many things, but, beware because you could be stubborn in determined resolutions. The best days would be 27 and 28 respectively 27 and 28 respectively with the Moon in Tauro.


A period where Work will be more than usual, but, also will accompany the economic increase. Stabilize yourself in some dialog situations with workmates and bosses could result a little complex since you will not agree in all.


The couple will need a break from problems and overwhelming situations. The correct and necessary will be some mini-vacations, walks, movies, supper, moments to enjoy away from what you dislike.


Now, with more energy than last week, you could move in another way. However, the amount of activities could generate a lot of stress, hence, the more convenient will be to obviate some situations, fundamentally for the mental relaxation.

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