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Week from May 28th to June 03rd


A great week for all those born under this sign, you will have the possibility to meet loved ones that you havent seen for a long time. On the other side, the best days for you will be 30 and 31 with the Moon in Leo. A Moon in its Crescent phase to start any activity that requires to increase emotion. ...

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The week will be divided in two parts for Taurean, the first it will not be so positive and stable, there will be some confrontation with some conflictive people in several aspects. However, the second week will be quieter and balanced. The best days will be 1 and 2 with the Moon in Virgo take advantage and realize some work for home during and aft...

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An instable week for Geminian, although the Sun transits through your sign, you will have some complex circumstances given the Lunar aspectation. The best day will be the 3rd. with the Moon in Libra. It would be convenient not to make too many moves that require definite decisions during these days. ...

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A great week for those born under This sign, the Moon will be in This sign the 28n and 29 days respectively, giving a huge energy as to face determined complex matters that you could have since some time ago. On the other hand, a short trip that you couldnt realize, will have the chance to do it. Take advantage of the occasion. ...

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A very good week for Leonine, you will at your disposal activities that since some time ago you wished to realize and it got complicated by other reason. On the other side, the best days will be 30 and 31 with the Moon in your sign generating a very intense energy in your being. ...

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he week will start disturbing for Virginian, however, tends to improve deeply with the passing of the first days of the same. The more stable and interesting days will be 1 and 2nd. Respectively. The Moon will be in your sign which will generate a special energy to realize any enterprise. Coming trips. ...

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The week will come with a lot of instable activity, the best thing with This would be not to realize too moves. On the other side, even when the Lunar aspectation will not be the best, you will have a day in which in some way you will be back to normal balance in your lives. This day will be the 13th. With the Moon in Gemini. ...

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The best days for Scorpians will be 28 and 29 respectively with the Moon transiting in Cancer. This Lunation will give you a special energy, be it to realize a trip pending since some time ago or to buy or sell something that you necessarily need. ...

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The week will be very positive for Sagittarians, since the Moon will have the days 30mand 31 position in Leo and besides the Sun Star keep on transiting in Gemini, complementary opposite of Sagittarius. Great days to realize shopping, travel and have some extra expenses for your simpler whims. ...

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A week that will start Little instable on the first half of it to later to stabilize itself in a positive way. The best days that Capricornians will have will be 1 and 2 respectively with the Moon in Virgo. Ideal to realize shopping for home and fulfill some little unexpansive wish. ...

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The week will come very instable for Aquarians by factors of Lunar aspectation. However, you will have some days that will be more favorable, for example the 3rd. day with the Moon in Gemini. The rest of the week would be convenient not to realize too many important moves, or travel. ...

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During the beginning of the week, Pisceans will be in a very nice mood with very beneficial results in the activities you decide to undertake. The week will start in a very positive way with the Moon in Cancer on days 28 and 29 respectively. You could enjoy as maybe you didnt do it before. ...

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