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Aquarius horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


The week in general will come in a stable way for Aquarians and resto f air signs in general. It would be inopportune to make decision too compromising. You will have a notorious improvement the day 28 with the Moon in your sign and changing drastically that instable energy.


The laboral terrain will be in a contrary way to the rest of situations of your lives. Since you will have interesting offers, although you shouldn’t accept any of them until next week. Laboral visits that could be assumed as as important changes in your lives.


Venus continues transiting Libra, therefore, those born under This sign will have opportunity to find the things that could make you happy with the couple. Although some daily situations will have an instable energy, in the affective plan you will feel comfortable and harmonic.


In relation to Aquarian’s health, you will have complex days, mostly in the respiratory and nervous sector that could go through a stress peak. It will be a temporary situation whose existence will have a limit. To visit a doctor and realize necessary analysis will not be a bad idea.

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