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Aquarius horoscope

Week from june 17th to june 23th


A week that will be presented quite unstable during the first half of it. The second half will be somewhat more relaxed, in which you can make the decisions that are necessary to resolve any type of conflict that may arise. The best days will be 21 and 22 respectively, with the Moon positioned in the sign of Libra in its Crescent phase. Creativity will be present during these days in you. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Star, this letter predicts that, thanks to your facility to express what you want, you will be able to get what you need these days. The number of the week will be 1


Labor movements would be convenient, leave them for after the second half of the week. Those who have the possibility of working in several places at once, will find a new one, which would have a very favorable point, would be a better remuneration. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be Justice, which should be taken into account to use it after day 20. The creativity that will emerge from you, will help you implement new ideas that will be very productive for the job.


On the sentimental level, it would be more appropriate to have longer dialogues with the couple. Those of you who are going through a crisis, you will have to be patient and respect the times of it, as well as it would be positive to do a self-analysis and look carefully where you want to follow your lives. The letter that will govern you during this week will be La Luna, this Arcane predicts moments of insecurity within the relationship and with yourselves. The most remarkable thing is that it will be something circumstantial.


Health will have a little imbalance but not permanent way. It would be convenient to change some habits of life in order to regulate what is somewhat disordered in your being. Medical visits, alternative therapies and others, you could be present during this week. The letter that will govern you will be El Hermit, this tells us about a person (regardless of age or sex) who must take care not to get sick.

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