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Aries horoscope

Week from october 07th to october 13th


The week for the Arians could be unstable enough in almost every way. Emotions would be very sensitive to be resolved in a short time, which should let you flow. The best of days will be Saturday the 13th, where the Moon will be positioned in the sign of Sagittarius in its Crescent phase. This day, will make you feel that most of the inconveniences experienced during the week, would not have been as serious as you felt. The Arcano that will rule you during this week will be El Colgado, this letter predicts the achievement of some goals after a great effort. The number that will govern you will


The beginning of the week in the labor and economic level, could become somewhat complicated due to expenses of third parties within the home. Although the work will have a positive activity and with great insertion, it may not be enough to solve and assume the overload of expenses. It is recommended that you have patience and impose limits on who corresponds. The Arcanum that will govern you during these days will be The High Priest, this letter predicts days in which you will have to appeal to the most reflective attitude that you have, in order to avoid more complicated situations. Peace o


A week of great movements in the affective field. The fact of meeting new people, could put you to the test with the couple you have today. However, it would not be convenient to have absolute confidence in what is not yet known without being more than superficially. Timing to plan changes. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The House of God, this Arcane predicts a rethinking on the part of one of the members of the couple. Think very well before making an inconvenient decision.


Within the plane of health, what would stand out more astral would be the disadvantages in the blood circulation sector. Both complications could occur in the arteries and in the veins and / or varicose veins sector. It would be convenient to have you reviewed by a specialist in the field to avoid major problems in the future. The card that will govern you during these days will be El Carro, this Arcane would be announcing some small setback in health that would be resolved in a short time.

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