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Aries horoscope

Week from february 17th to february 23th


The week will be presented in a very good way for the Arians, the stability will accompany you during the course of the days, making it for the most part very pleasant moments. The best days will be 18 and 19 respectively, with the Moon transiting by the Leo sign in its Crescent and Full phases. Final phase in which you can expand spiritually, releasing much of what does not do you so much good. The Arcanum that will govern you during the week will be Los Enamorados, the number that will govern you will be 6 and the weekly color will be the emerald green.


Within the labor and professional field, you will have a lot of demand during the next days. While you will manage in a very clear way, you may feel somewhat exhausted at a certain time for what to do. In the cases that are necessary, it would be convenient to delegate tasks to feel less pressure and in some way to carry out all the activity correctly. The Arcanum that will rule you in the field of work during this week will be The Emperor.


In the sentimental field, you will have to work much more on the dialogue with the couple, since the same one could feel a sensation of abandonment intense enough. Only you could make that sensation have an end. Those of you who have children, it would be convenient that they could listen more to their orders, without having to yield to all, since some limits could be necessary. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The Emperor in his inverted position.


On the plane of health, different pathologies of the unexpected type, or commonly called opportunists, could arise. This will have a direct relationship to the lack of some vitamins and nutrients that certain foods provide. The risk of discomfort would be present, especially within the first days of the week. Care and attention The letter that will govern you during this week in the field of health will be The Force in its inverted position.

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