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Aries horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


The week will be presented in a stable and fairly quiet, without unpleasant surprises. The best days that you will have will be 28 and 21 respectively with the Moon transiting the sign of Leo in its Crescent phase. The energetic strength of this Lunación will be completely good to start with a project of the type that was new. The Arcanum that will accompany you this week will be The Temperance, this letter announces that this will be the ideal moment to begin to have an absolutely new change in your spirit. It gives you strength, your weekly color will be blue and the lucky number will be 14.


Days to make definitive and prudent decisions in the labor field, not to be influenced by any person that you do not trust, and to follow your intuition as it will be a great counselor. The Arcanum of this week will be The Force, a letter that announces the opportunity to demonstrate all your potential and also predicts your wise advice someone who needs it in a hurry.


The sentimental terrain could become somewhat complex, first because even Mars is still in transit in the sign of Sagittarius. The need to feel attractive will be increasing, and in a second place because the temptation could generate some conflict in the couple of jealousy. The Arcanum that governs you this week will be The inverted Empress, this letter in this position announces some conflicts that could be resolved, announces insecurities and fears within the couple.


If you know how to handle certain issues, it will help you improve the quality of your health. Alternative therapies will be very positive to achieve objectives such as improving chronic diseases, losing weight or reconstructive surgeries. The Arcanum that will accompany you during this week will be The Star, this letter announces good health among several positive things to live. The patience to improve even more your condition, will be relevant.

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