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Aries horoscope

Week from december 16th to december 22th


Very good week for the Arians in general, the best days will be both 17 and 18 respectively, with the Moon transiting by your own sign in its Crescent phase. Great week to make short trips and to meet new cultures that could help you advance in your philosophy of life. Be careful with certain comments about your environment. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be El Mago. The number that will govern these days will be 1 and the weekly color will be light brown.


During these days in the labor field, you will have the opportunity to carry out many activities and to significantly increase your income. Although it could be the same tasks, you should take into account the fact that some new ones will give you the effectiveness in the future of a stable and lasting situation at work. You will give advice to some people who ask for your collaboration. The Arcano that will govern you during these days in the workplace will be Los Enamorados.


Days in which you will have to have more attention on the couple, since the same could feel something of carelessness on your part. Although the times of each one are important, the fact of carrying out activities together also becomes necessary to advance. Exits with friends and family could help you feel more comfortable and enjoy many more things than you could alone. The letter that will govern you during this week will be La Fuerza in its inverted position.


Good time in the plane of health in general, you should only take care of sleepless nights since the same sleep disturbances could cause fatigue throughout the day, as well as a bit of bad mood due to lack of rest . In this opportunity the most advisable thing would be to carry out activities that give you enough peace of mind to sleep the necessary time of recovery. The card that will govern you during these days will be Temperance in its inverted position.

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