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Aries horoscope

Week from june 17th to june 23th


Week that will start in a great way for the Arians. The best days will be 17 and 18 respectively, with the Moon positioned in the sign of Leo in its Crescent phase. Very good to start dealing with real estate if you want to buy or sell, good week for signing long-term contracts. The Arcanum regent of the week will be El Carro, this letter announces trips and concretions of projects on your part. The number of the week will be 7 and the color will be intense violet.


Some situations that will require your wisdom, however, could find you somewhat uncomfortable with the presence of a work partner somewhat dense genius. An increase in the unexpected economy, would be coming this next week. The arcane ruler will be El Loco, he predicts moments of much mental work. It would be advisable to rest more.


In the sentimental field you will have the opportunity to improve certain situations that could be stormy. The fact of receiving a second or third opportunity, would be to be used and not badly spent. Venus will continue to influence you in a very positive way on the sentimental level. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The Force, this Arcanum says about a very favorable moment that you will live together with the couple (those who have it) and the possibilities of making it grow in the romantic environment. Moments of much sensuality.


Health during these days will be harmoniously during this week. Although those born under this sign are usually very active, in the course of the week you will be somewhat calmer, looking for shelters. This will be good to recover energies and deposit them where they belong. The card that will govern you during this week will be The Emperor in his inverted position. This Arcanum would indicate to you that you have special care with the domestic accidents to avoid discomforts a priori.

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