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Cancer horoscope

Week from april 22th to april 28th


The week will begin in a fairly stable and dynamic way for the Canceranos. The best day will be the 22nd with the Moon transiting your own sign in its Crescent phase. They will be good days to carry out legal procedures that were pending, or to start any that was important for you. The Arcanum that will rule you during these days will be Justice, this letter predicts that what you propose will be achieved. As long as you fight for each objective and there are no collateral damage. The weekly lucky number will be 8 and your color will be turquoise.


Improvements within the professional field, ideal time to recycle and start a new stage of educational improvement. This type of actions carried out, could make an important growth in your economics. Be careful when lending money, it may not be returned in the short term. The Arcane of the week for the labor field will be The Priestess, this letter augurs a very positive omen to all those who are studying and polishing their wisdom. Do not stop before the obstacles that could arise.


The relationship could begin to improve with the passage of the days of this week. This always, when both appeal to the dialogue in a correct way, to give you love and patience in a disinterested way will attract you a healthier relationship. On the other hand, the letter that will govern you during this week will be La Estrella. This Arcane warns you the strength with which you dedicate yourself to the couple, if you give them in a sincere and rhythmic way, you will obtain very good results.


Within the field of health, the problems that could arise at this time would be remedial in the short term. The fact of taking care of sudden temperature changes, would be an incentive for your health does not decline with general pains. The card that will govern you during this week will be El Colgado in its inverted position, it predicts the probability of suffering a home accident, therefore the most important thing for this week would be the general care of your being.

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