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Cancer horoscope

Week from november 19th to november 25th


Could during this week somehow continue a little instability in those born under this sign. Although we continue for a few more days with the Sun Astro transiting in Scorpio, and will generate enough energy to stabilize your week in general.


: Some stumbles in the labor field with people who work with you, could be from the same circle or close to the site. However, your diplomacy in the dialogue, will make this situation only seen as a misunderstanding. Post-confrontation stress will be very mild since the altercation would not last long.


: In the sentimental field, you will have some little expected approaches. The positive surprises within this sector will be very welcome in a somewhat tedious week. The emotions will be constantly fluctuating, which will make the beautiful thing that happens to you be good and favorable for your mood.


: In the field of health, the situation will not be too different from the past, some Cancerians will have the opportunity to perform certain treatments that will help you a lot with bone and articulate those who have these discomforts. They will have to have patience to improve the situation.

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