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Cancer horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


Although the previous week was good, this week will also be good in the same way. The best days of it will be 26 and 27 with the Moon transiting your own sign in its Crescent phase. Super days thanks to the astral general aspectation. On the other hand the Arcanum that governs you this week is El Carro, this letter would indicate that every movement you make will be absolutely positive and at the same time stable. Your lucky number will be 7, and the color that would accompany the best attractions in your lives would be golden or dark yellow.


In the labor field, the Canceranos could pass a very positive and stable economic level during these days. The astral aspect that you will have will be great, so it is recommended that if you plan to invest money or time either in work or studies, this would be the perfect week to do it. The Arcanum that governs you these days is The Hermit. With the prediction of this letter plus the astral aspect, without doubt that the fact of polishing your wisdom would be excellent during this week. On the other hand, starting to change your job position would also be a very good opportunity.


In love, you will have the possibility of achieving achievements as a family. Venus, still positioned in Pisces, will give you the continuity of the success you need to complete some phase with the couple. The Arcanum that governs you this week to those born under this sign is The Star, this letter predicts that it is the opportune moment to reconquer the couple and affirm within the family. On the other hand it also predicts that those Cancerans who do not have a partner could find a sincere and true love, as well as lasting.


Health during this week, could suffer small setbacks that nothing would change what you have planned to perform. On the other hand, the attention of a professional would be necessary in the event that a specific situation persists. However, everything would be resolved in a positive way and quickly enough. The Arcane for this week is El Loco, this letter would indicate in some way that you should take care of the circulation and if necessary, seek rest at least at times.

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