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Cancer horoscope

Week from april 21th to april 27th


Week that will have a very good start during its first half, cushioning what could be complicated the rest of the days. The best of the days will be the 21 with the Moon transiting the sign of Scorpio in its Waning phase. The planetary alignment will be a very convenient way to make small changes in your lives. The Arcano that will rule you during this week will be La Fuerza, the ruling number will be 11, and the weekly color will be Blanco.


A very special moment in the workplace, since those who do not have a stable job, or are waiting for a promotion, will get it permanently. It will help you improve the system and in turn grow as workers, whether independent or dependent. A lot of strength and external stimulation. The Arcanum that will rule you during these days will be The High Priest.


In the sentimental field, it would be good to start analyzing the form of treatment you have towards the couple, as well as towards the family. While the best moments to live are each day surrounded by love, it would also be very positive to start making the delivery, beyond that you do not always feel rewarded. The letter that will rule you in the field of love will be The Empress.


Some opportunistic disease could take over you, however, if you strengthen the immune system, you could make these have a very short duration in your lives. Good time to start with medical check-ups that have been lengthened in time for different reasons. The letter that will govern you during this week will be Justice in its inverted position.

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