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Cancer horoscope

Week from august 12th to august 18th


The best days of the week for the Cánceranos will be 17 and 18 respectively, with the Moon transiting the sign of Scorpio in its Crescent phase. This lunation will give you the ability to solve enigmas that could date back a long time ago. Whatever the answer to them, they could have it and with that information to improve your lives and part of your environment. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week will be The Wheel of Fortune, this letter predicts situations in which you will be debating between pleasure and that which is not so pleasing to you. You will depend on what path to c


A week that will be presented in a very good way, in which you can put expectations in many areas. In the environment that does not seem to be the best, and in urgent type issues to be solved. The most important thing would be the astral aspect that will help you to fill up with energies as to eliminate what is messy. The resolution of payment of debts will be available to start liquidating. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Emperor, a letter that predicts that you will have to make decisions not only for you, but for colleagues. They will be well planned since the work that you get


One of the most unstable planes during these days will be the affective. However, this would have a short duration, the love of a couple would overcome all kinds of obstacles, in any case, the most important thing here would be the understanding that they would give to it. Recognize some mistakes would be positive to improve all kinds of love and sentimental relationship. This applies to the family as well. The letter that will govern you during the week will be The Temperance, this Arcanum predicts a moment in which you can support each other in the couple, give yourself with total peace of


Within the plane of health, you will have some issues to solve that could be somewhat annoying since above all things you will find yourself uncomfortable. Alternative therapies will be a good option, although especially in this opportunity it will be necessary to try to have changes in general habits to avoid major discomforts. The letter that will rule you will be The Sun in its inverted position, this Arcane predicts some problems in the eyes, attention and care with them.

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