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Cancer horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


The week will start in a stable way for Cancerians. The best day will be the 22nd. With the Moon in Scorpio in its Crescent phase. This would be great to continue with some Project that you stopped for some reason or start something from zero. This advice covers absolutely all about your lives.


The laboral plan will manifest in a correct and active way, as to elect what options to take during this coming season. Jupiter still transiting Scorpio, will give you the possibility for improvement on the laboral as well as the economic level.


In the sentimental sector the right thing is to appeal to dialog in case you don’t reach an agreement with loved ones in your surroundings. Mercury will be transiting Scorpio which favors a conversation to reach fundamentally to an agreement.


In the health terrain you could feel a total physical strength as to start new moves, weather exercises or physical work. However, the warning would be: don’t abuse the physical state you have, on the contrary, try to find the balance so you will not be uncomfortable.

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