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Cancer horoscope

Week from december 16th to december 22th


Great start to the Cancà © ranos. The best day of the week that will mark you for the experiences of the rest will be the 16th, with the Moon positioned in the sign of Pisces in its Crescent phase. This lunation in conjunction with the astral astrosión, will give you the opportunity an important turn in your lives and the fact of making decisions that will be really beneficial in general. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be Death. The number that will govern you will be 13 and the weekly color will be silver.


Days of balance in the labor field, which could be effective for anyone who needs to review something that does not close completely in terms of expected benefits. Great time to meet with superiors or even partners, and demonstrate in this way what you are capable of doing. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Hermit.


On the sentimental level, you will have the opportunity to start with new relationships, not only love but also friendships. The sincerity of the people around you will be very good and absolutely genuine. Love comes to your spirit invading it in an unexpected way, although in a very satisfactory way. The letter that will govern you during these days will be The Judgment.


Within the health plan, some problems could arise, although they would not be directly by your body, but by small accidents that would be presented unexpectedly. With which the recommendation would be, be attentive to everything that is not simple to perform (talking about household chores) and leave it for later. Small taps can be annoying and generate unwanted marks. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The Emperor in his inverted position.

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