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Capricorn horoscope

Week from december 16th to december 22th


Week that will start unstable for Capricornians during the first half of it. The second, the situation will have a tendency to improve markedly and it will be convenient to make decisions that are really important. Good time to make short trips that have to do with learning about life itself. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be Death. The number that will govern you will be 13 and the weekly color will be the amber.


Within the professional plane, the week will be great to make a deep assessment of everything invested. In this case, it would not only correspond to the economic, but also to the time invested along with the education that you have received for personal growth within your work. Good days to analyze what is necessary about what you have as an offer. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be The Judgment.


The improvement in the sentimental field will be notorious, during this week you will have unexpected approaches of people of the past that you were away. On the other hand, the closest friendships, will try to give you a very good surprise to make you feel better, remember that the week does not start in the best way, however, there are people who want them who will try to help improve this situation. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The Empress.


In the field of health, the most affected could be the respiratory sector, due to some climatic change as well as to the stress itself experienced by some specific situation. With the required attention, they would not grow older, but would have an early recovery mostly. In any case, it will always be better to take care of yourself. The letter that will govern you will be The World in its inverted position.

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