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Capricorn horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


A week that will come with some setbacks, mostly it its first half. The best days to live will be 25,26 and 27 respectively with Moon in Capricorn in its Crescent phase. Great to realize labor trips or to finish some course you started and abandoned halfway.


In the laboral terrain, some proposals will pop up that will not be positive at all, since you will have to give more time than normal to realize them. Some influential people could help to concretize them, although the right thing would be to think about it before realizing any definitive move.


In the sentimental field, those born under This sign will be going through a good situation in which you will get a lot in a short time. The running of the week will bring positive surprises with a lot of magic. Take advantage of it and be happy.


Health could show Little discomfort on the cervical level, lumbar or bone and muscular sector. You’ll be prone to feel discomfort, although just circumstantial, therefore you should look for peace and a lot of rest to recover as soon as possible.

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