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Capricorn horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


During these next days the situation will be somewhat unstable after the second half of the week. Days to keep in mind will be both the 2 and the 3 respectively with the Moon transiting the sign of Virgo in its phases Waning and Full. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week will be The Priestess, this letter announces the opportunity to improve the emotional situation and also correct certain errors that will make you improve the quality of life. The lucky number will be 2 and the color will be light green.


In a work environment, situations will happen that will give enough stability in everything. Physical health could prevent a bit of force work, so it would be convenient to start with some new activity or a change of position within the work that you have today. The Arcanum that governs you during this week will be The Chariot, this letter announces a lot of strength and vitality for those who receive it. It is a very positive letter, although it is not definitive in this opportunity, as it warns that success will depend on you.


These days will be somewhat stable in this sector of life of those born under this sign, since the astral aspect shows you the opportunity to be with the loved one in very good terms. The opportunity to obtain achievements in the sentimental way, would be arriving, albeit very slowly. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be The Temperance, this letter would be indicating the opportunity to begin a new stage of love and harmony in the couple.


In the field of health, the best thing to do is to start doing some kind of outdoor exercise. On the other hand it will be necessary to avoid any kind of harmful food for the digestive system. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week will be El Jucio inverted, this letter announces in this position that it was time to make some kind of necessary controls in order to avoid greater evils in the future.

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