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Gemini horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


Unlike the previous week, this week will be much more stable and comfortable to be traveled. The best day of the same will be the 25th with the Moon transiting in your own sign in its Crescent phase. You will have the opportunity to meet good people, and with enough power to start doing charity social works. This will be something that will absolutely depend on you doing it or not. Your Arcane weekly ruler is La Temperance, which announces the opportunity to improve certain negative aspects of your interior. The lucky number is 14 and your color will be dark blue.


Within the work environment the situation will be relatively active, since certain works that were not planned will be presented. However, the Geminans, as good workers, will want to take everything forward. The gains will be good in a balance with the activity. The charter of the week in this field will be The Chariot, this Arcane would indicate something of great importance, is that the possibility of success in this plane will depend on you, beyond the good astral influence that you can have.


Within the sentimental plane the situation for the Geminans will seem to be better than in previous days. However, you should be careful not to make too many mistakes with the couple, since it could be a week of a lot of passion and little feelings. Do not avoid deep dialogue. The card that governs you this week in love is The inverted High Priest, this Arcanum in this position speaks of the possibility of avoiding all kinds of discussions and discussions if there were a moment of crisis to avoid a rupture that could be regretted.


Although health could be presenting different changes even some annoying in that transition, you should not worry too much, because if you do the indicated, exercise, healthy life, etc., everything will have a stage of absolute improvement. This week's letter is The Inverted Star, this Arcanum predicts the concern you may feel due to the rapid improvement of overall health. It will only be necessary to have patience in this opportunity.

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