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Gemini horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


An instable beginning of the week for Geminian. However, it will not be in all aspects of your lives, but just a sector. More than anything the Stars refer to close communications. The best day where you will revolutionize everything would be the 28 with the Moon in Aquarius.


The laboral plan will be positive although it will not be a good moment, at least the first half of the week as to make too serious or important decisions. If you need a salary raise, the best would be to wait for next week that will be a more factible time for it.


The sentimental terrain looks fine This week for Geminian. Ideal to realize some short trip with the family or with the couple in addition to some friends that could follow you. Take advantage of the situation to be happy, any excuse is good.


Health could have some break ups but not too complex. On one side, the possibility to evolve in the physical wellbeing will depend on you. With your good will face those happenings that could be negative. Visit a professional if necessary.

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