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Leo horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


Good week to start to realice legal moves or documentaries. The Lunation of these days will be very positive to get many achievements that seemed to be detained by some factors that didn’t have any logic. The best days to start taking steps will be 23 and 24 respectively, with the Moon in Sagittarius in its best phase, Crescent.


The week will be professional enough as to start to realize changes in the laboral terrain. The petition for days to rest, take advantage of the Lunar position a salary raise also, will be a great excuse to start to improve little by little in this aspect. Take advantage of the good Lunar aspectation


In the affective terrain, Leonine will have the opportunity to choose a kind of strong move to get a relationship with an advanced and plain commitment. Nevertheless, never stop from trying to look for a settlement through the dialog between you and your couple.


Health could be improved notably if you have a physical chronic disorder. To visit the right professional will give you the opportunity to feel comfortable with yourselves and realize that ypu are going the right way. Keep on going there and try all of that you left behind along the path.

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