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Leo horoscope

Week from december 16th to december 22th


The best days of the week will be 17 and 18 respectively, with the Moon positioned in the sign of Aries in its Crescent phase. While the first half of the week could be presented in a largely spiritual and philosophical way, the second half will have a result of an important introspection, which will lead to making definitive and highly reasoned decisions on your part. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be El Diablo. The number that will govern you will be 15 and the weekly color will be yellow.


The professional terrain will continue to grow a little more each day and you will have greater opportunities during this next week. A great project could be presented to you offering the possibility of a short time work, outside of the place where you are currently living. The offer would be based above all on giving a teaching of what you have full knowledge. The Arcano that will rule you during this week will be El Mundo.


Within the loving plane, a new person will appear in your lives. Although it could be a renewed love last, also the stars would look favorably so that you have the possibility of knowing someone new and with a lot of vitality within the affective plane. The most advisable in any case, would be to handle you slowly and very analyzed. Death.


Health will have improvements in what could be found not very good, however, some Leonines who suffer from chronic diseases, you should make a visit to the treating professional to perform a check that guarantees the stability of it . The lack of control of the chronicle could attract inexplicable physical discomforts, which could be corrected as soon as possible. The card that will govern you during these days will be The Priestess in her inverted position.

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