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Libra horoscope

Week from november 19th to november 25th


A complex week will be presented regarding the especially emotional stability in the Librans. However, it will be a situation to live circumstantially. On the other hand, the best days in which to recover energies will be 24 and 25 respectively with the Moon positioned in the sign of Aquarius in its Crescent phase.


: The labor field will be presented fairly stable compared to other issues. However, when you feel bad about energies, you may not know how to take advantage of everything that the work will offer you. In the same way, this positive situation will continue for a few more days. To relax and pay attention to what is truly worthwhile.


: The sentimental level will be full of surprises for you, it will be the sector that will give you the greatest encouragement to get ahead in everything related to tranquility and what this entails. Delivering love and receiving it during this week would be a kind of blessing.


: The situation in health will have some small losses although all would be based on the psychosomatic factor. Therefore, the best choice that could be made during these days, would be to practice some type of alternative therapy. And of course, visit your trusted doctor if you do not feel completely satisfied with the improvement.

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