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Libra horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


Beginning of the week very instable in some aspects of life. Although instability will not cover all the activities they realize. Its highly recommended not to keep extended dialogs with people that could have influence in your lives. The best day you will have will be the 28th. With the Moon transiting Aquarius.


In the laboral terrain, stability will be well marked and generate peace in everything you wish to realize. Nevertheless, the more advisable would be in case to make important decisions, let the first half of the current week to pass.


Without the shadow of a doubt, this will be the best environment for those born under this sign, since you will find understanding, comradeship, compatibility and a lot of love, not only from your couple, but from the nearer environment. Ideal to project in family some short pleasure trip.


Some ups and downs in the health terrain, therefore, the more recommendable would be to visit a health professional in the event the discomfort could be greater with the running of days. A healthy diet rich in vitamins would be appropriate to improve the immune system.

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