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Libra horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


The beginning of this new week will be to meditate on everything you want to do in the course of it without much haste. Eventually you should remain calm in situations that could generate confrontations with people close to you. The best day will be the 25th with the Moon transiting the sign of Gemini in its Crescent phase. The Arcanum that gives you the prediction of the week is The Priestess, this letter would indicate that do not stop looking within you for the change you would need to improve certain aspects that seem to be somewhat unstable. Remember that most of the time the change begin


Some new ventures could start during this week in progress, eventually if you make the right moves, you will be able to obtain an important gain in finances. In any case, in order to obtain this result, it will depend a lot on your discipline and perseverance in the work to be done. The Arcanum that governs you in the field these days is El Carro, this letter clearly marks the strength you will have during this week, however, it always makes it clear that the results do not depend on chance, but on yourselves.


On the emotional level those born under this sign, you will have a week with a lot of emotional movement. From reconciliations, new beginnings, as well as the possibility of ending a somewhat conflictive and harmful relationship for your mental health. The letter that accompanies you is La Luna in its inverted position, this Arcano shows that the confusion that you could get through will make you somehow end a relationship or recover what seemed lost. It would only take time to improve everything that seems complex.


The most complicated that could occur during this week in the field of health would be everything related to the digestive system. Some lived tensions would provoke this situation, that to make clear it will be circumstantial although it could be quite annoying. The Arcano that represents health during these days is Temperance in its inverted position, it represents the digestive sector and the disturbances that could arise. The quick recovery ends with this letter highlighting.

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