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Pisces horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


If last week was good, this will be transited will be even more thanks to the very good astral aspect that you will have. The best days will be 26 and 27 with the Moon transiting the Cancer sign in its Crescent phase. Ideal for short trips, accompanied or alone, work or pleasure. The Arcanum that will be the regent of this week for you is The Empress. This letter would indicate the possibility of obtaining everything that you have strived for, the final result is always positive. Your weekly lucky number, the 3. The color that you should wear in some garment, the blue one.


Very good in the work field for the Pisces, Mercury transiting your sign and Jupiter transiting Scorpio, will give you enough energy to achieve goals. Begin studies postponed and get work in the future about what you really like to do, for example, will be one of the benefits. On the other hand the Arcanum regent this week will be The World. This letter, in some way would be predicting the opportunity for important achievements. If your desire was to change jobs, this would be a great week for that. Assessment of efforts.


The sentimental field does not escape the good vibes that you will have during the current week. Venus, even transiting your sign, will continue to give you the opportunity to achieve the desired relationship with the right person. Very good time to talk with the couple and prepare what is not in total order. The Arcanum that will rule you in these days in love will be The Temperance, this letter would indicate that the support between both members of the couple, not only will be necessary, but also that it will be desired for the evolution of it.


The plane of health could feel at times somewhat exhausting. Moments of fatigue, probably because of so much activity that could be solved quickly with some rest. On the other hand it is advisable to have some physical activity that gives you a break from stress. The Arcane of the week in this opportunity for health will be The High Priest, which would be representing the possibility of having a problem in the digestive system. Somehow it would be all due to stress, which does not always happen because of negative situations, but also because of the mental workload in helping others.

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