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Pisces horoscope

Week from november 19th to november 25th


A week that could present something unstable at an energetic level of Piscean. The greater advantage will be that during some days of the same, even the Sun would be transiting the sign of Scorpio (counting also that we are in the year of Scorpio). The most advisable thing would be to miss these days.


: Moments somewhat complicated in the labor field, although it would not be a bad exercise of labor. On this occasion, the reference is about confrontations and the lack of agreements between colleagues. In any case, the final decisions will not be yours to make, but some person who does not have to see in the conflict directly. It will be fair.


: A special moment to appreciate everything related to love and feelings in general. The couple will be very close to you in the spiritual sense. The family will need to give you a lot of love during these days, take advantage of everything you find in these people since it will be what will help you feel less heavy the weekly energy.


: In relation to health, those born under this sign should pay special attention to everything related to the nervous system, blood pressure and not stop attending anxiety those who suffer from it.. Being a somewhat unstable week could feel some discomfort in health related to these points.

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