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Pisces horoscope

Week from april 22th to april 28th


The week will be presented in a positive way for the Pisces, some will have the opportunity to connect with the more spiritual part and reflect finding solutions on some recent or old inconveniences. The best day will be the 22nd with the Moon transiting the sign of Cancer in its Crescent phase. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be The Wizard, the same card predicts when occupying the first place, that the chances of achieving success within what you propose will be resounding. The number of luck according to numerology will be 1 and your color will be pale pink.


It is important to highlight the opportunity to achieve certain achievements in the labor and professional fields. However, you should take care to be living all the time a kind of fantasy something unattainable. The Moon and Neptune transiting in your sign, could generate this sensation of connection too much with the spiritual world. Try to keep your feet on the ground to avoid the intention of deceit of some malicious partner. Your Arcanum ruler during these days will be The House of God, this letter would be auguring the possibility of changes that can be positive or negative, depending m


Good moments on the sentimental level, some people who belong to your past, and have left without a real reason, would reappear during these days. The news seems to be accompanied by good times and pleasant memories. Outings as a couple, with friends to be enjoyed. The card that will govern you during this week will be El Carro, this Arcanum predicts the arrival of an old love, with which you should be attentive if it is worth returning and leaving your current partner. It also warns you of the possibility of evolving within the sentimental field. It will be essential to analyze situations be


In the plane of health, above all you should take care of those discomforts related to the blood circulation and joints. They may cause some discomfort and you will have to have enough wisdom to understand when it becomes a subject for professionals. The letter that will rule the Pisces this week will be El Loco. This Arcanum recommends you rest within what fits for the activities you relate.

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