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Pisces horoscope

Week from june 17th to june 23th


During the course of this week, the Pisces could find something unstable given the astral aspect. However, not everything will be instability, on day 23 on the other hand, it will be one of the best in everything related to personal evolution. That day, the Moon will be positioned in the sign of Scorpio in its Crescent phase. Good time to start looking for communication to achieve goals through that way. The Arcanum that will rule you during that day will be La Temperance, this letter predicts a transitional season and the arrival of people in your lives, in the search for wise advice on your


The labor field will consist of some very good days to start restarting any project that could have been left in the past for different reasons. As long as you are disciplined and have the desire for evolution, you can face new goals that will be very beneficial. Mercury in transit in the sign of Cancer, will give you the energy of communication in a notorious way, take advantage of it at this point. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be La Fuerza, this letter predicts a very good moment to show your creativity as a whole. They will ask you for advice.


The sentimental level could be presented with some unexpected changes for those born under this sign. A surprising approach to your lives could become the starting point to start a highly positive and sincere relationship. Good time for communication with friends. The letter that will govern you during this week will be Death, this Arcanum predicts changes in your love life, change of house, improvement in ascent. Enjoy the new love that would be coming


The days in course, could affect especially some affections of viral type. With which, within the plane of health, you would be recommended to use any prophylactic method to avoid relapses or prolongation of the time of some pathology that will start being simple. The card that will govern you during these days will be The Car in its inverted position, it predicts a health problem, and / or relapse of an existing one.

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