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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


A week that will have in its great majority of the route of the same, stable and positive situations. In cases of increased risk, it is only advisable to take care of the way you express yourself as there are people who take your sincerity as an aggression. The best days will be 28 and 1 with the Moon positioned in the sign of Leo in its Crescent phase. The letter of the week for the Sagittarians is, The Force, this Arcanum indicates the opportunity for unmeasured achievements although everything would be based on effort. The number of the week will be 11, the color of luck will be gold and wh


In the labor field will begin a new stage for those born under this sign. It will have several stages, and you should not be guided by bad advisors, but to pay attention to your intuition more than anything will be the right thing to do. The money could be generated in a prudent manner and with great effort. The letter that governs you this week is The Judgment, this Arcanum indicates the opportunity to have a very good communication with superiors and coworkers.


Good for love, the Sagittarians will have a week of incomplete love affairs although they will leave a very nice mark on you. Week of uncontrollable passions and new relationships. The letter that governs you will be The Moon, this Arcanum predicts many loves and also the insecurities that this type of movements could cause within you. You will have to learn to enjoy the little moments that life will give you.


Health could move positively as long as you have infinite patience. If you are looking for an answer about an illness, it may take a while to appear, so patience is mentioned and you do not leave the control of the trusted professional. On the other hand, the Arcanum that will rule this week will be La Temperance, this letter has a lot of strength in the field of health, since it indicates that they could be in a very good harmony with the high astral and thus get solutions.

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