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Sagittarius horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


Good week to rebuild whatever was halfway done. This implies any situation or circumstance in your lives. The best days to start with this job would be 23 and 24 respectively with the Moon transiting over your sign in its better phase, Crescent.


In regards to the laboral terrain, some new opportunities, although the same will require preparation before starting with them. If you have wishes for succeeding in some particular aspect in the laboral field, this will be the week of the start of the same triumph. Take advantage and enjoy and share your happiness with your loved ones.


In the sentimental sector, some positive situations for the couple could ocurre. Family growth without you knowing it, therefore, the surprise could become amenable although generating some fear at the beginning.


Days in which health will give you a break, although you shouldn’t let some discomfort that could be undercover by your great mask of happiness to the entire universe. The right thing would be to demonstrate what you feel and if necessary appeal to a professional in the field.

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