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Scorpio horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


The week starts in a good shape, some happenings will be coming in a positive way and will give you the chance to continue with some activity (mostly in the social side) that has been unfinished. The best day of the week will be the 22 with the Moon in its Crescent phase transiting your sign. Take advantage of this energy.


The laboral terrain will come with good reactions from workmates, bosses and/or partners in the place of Work. New opportunities to grow at the economic level and new opportunities too to reconsider in resume some career that you have set aside due to life circumstances.


Ideal moment to improve the affective relations, those with a couple since some years ago, it would be positive to practice some techniques to share things that you didn’t before. To give love will always have positive consequences, as well as deliver time in oneself.


Health during This week, you will have a wide positive energy charge which will make you achieve great things that since long time ago you wished to realize. In the first place, the wish to realize exercise and on the other side good humor will help notably to improve the quality of life.

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