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Scorpio horoscope

Week from november 19th to november 25th


Although the week did not appear completely stable, Scorpians will have experiences that will be very positive. An ideal week to travel and discover new places, visit friends or relatives who live in another place. The Sun even traveling for a few days of this week in your sign will give you enough energy to perform this type of activity.


: Some interesting moments within the work plane, however, it is not recommended to make decisions in this regard during the current week. Analyze a possible project that will present you with much caution, it would be the most accurate and then not feel that you have lost time and / or money.


: Without a doubt, this will be the best aspect for the Scorpians, since Venus will be transiting in your sign. Ideal to make plans with the couple and family in general, small walks and an absolute delivery of love towards your loved ones. A very special energy will be guiding you during these next days, very profitable.


: The plane of health should take special care with regard to everything related to the respiratory tract. Climate changes may affect you in this way, however preventive care will be very positive so that the situation does not happen anymore.

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