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Taurus horoscope

Week from november 19th to november 25th


During the first half of this week, Taurean could be somewhat overwhelmed for different reasons. However, during the second half of the week, the situation began to turn positive and stable. The best days will be 22 and 23 with the Moon transiting the sign of Capricorn in its Crescent phase. Take advantage to specify new projects from that date.


: Work projects could be carried out if they analyze the situations in a very meticulous way so as not to waste time or money in the future. Not everything that shines is gold, therefore when certain offers appear the most advisable will be to analyze and give the value in time and money to your wisdom in the work that you perform.


: New situations will come to your lives, so letting yourself be loved would be the best choice. It will be time to start building a stable relationship or to feed the one you already have with a lot of love so that it grows without limits. Take advantage of being happy these days that are so positive for you in this area.


: By changing the Lunar phase, the energy transit for Taurean will be much more fluid. Although for this same reason, you should be careful with excessive energy costs, as they could cause too much fatigue without you noticing.

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