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Taurus horoscope

Week from october 07th to october 13th


The best days of this week will undoubtedly be 7 and 8 respectively, with the Moon transiting the Virgo sign in its Waning phase. It will be a few days in which you will want to put everything in order, from the homework, to your own emotions. Every movement you make will be with the conviction that it will be the right one. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be The Hermit, this letter predicts days in which you will try to reach a balance between mind and body. You will find it despite some obstacles. The weekly number will be 9 and the color will be blue.


Within the professional plane, some unexpected offers would appear, such as traveling abroad if I almost notice. The decision to make this trip will depend largely on how you are working in your company. However, doing something new and well paid would be great. The Arcanum that will rule you during this week will be The Magician in his inverted position, this letter predicts that it will be a week to get advice before taking any step towards unknown terrains.


In the sentimental field, there would come moments of making decisions, which over time could be reversed, as long as they are taken after the second half of the week. New and very empathetic relationships, news from afar from people very close to the emotional level in your lives. The card that will govern you will be The Chariot, although this Arcanum predicts a positive moment since you will have the opportunity to advance a relationship, it also warns you of past loves that could return and generate complications. Stay tuned.


Great days to start some kind of detoxification that could be affecting your daily life. The digestive system will need a break from both poor diet and tranquilizing days. The daily struggle against stress will be somewhat lighter if you learn to relax a little more than usual, even knowing that the task will not be so simple. The letter that will govern you during this week will be The Force in its inverted position, this Arcanum predicts days in which you could have small discomforts, it would not be a good time for great efforts.

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