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Taurus horoscope

Week from august 12th to august 18th


The best days that you will have will be 13 and 14 respectively, with the Moon transiting the Virgo sign in its Crescent phase. This lunation will be great to pay attention to the smallest details, the search for conflicts to solve will be your goal and you will achieve success in it. On the other hand, the week will be ideal to put the house in order. The Arcanum that will rule you will be Justice, this letter predicts you the possibility of obtaining everything, as long as you respect the conventions and everything that requires respect.


Good week to repair something that could have deteriorated with the passing of the days within the professional. Improving situations would be the idea to be able to ascend in this plane. The possibility of liquidating some outstanding debts, would appear unexpectedly during these upcoming days. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week will be La Temperance, this letter predicts the possibility of signing new contracts that will be a lot of innovation as well as new and good unexpected income.


In the sentimental field, it will be great to start enjoying what was created and generated these past days thanks to the transition of Venus by an Earth sign. Time to harvest your planting and dedicate yourself completely to family and friends. Short trips of pleasure in good company. The letter that will govern you will be The Wizard, this Arcanum would be announcing the possibility of resolving what could be damaging the couple. This type of solutions would be in your hands.


Great time to start looking after you in every way in the field of health. Everything that seems to be incorrigible, you will be able to improve it remarkably during this week, thanks to the astral aspect that you will have. Only you should go with patience to avoid the anxiety of such improvement. The card that will rule you will be The Chariot, the aforementioned Arcanum, would be announcing the probability of a slight and short-term health problem.

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