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Taurus horoscope

Week from april 21th to april 27th


The best days that you will have during this week will be 24 and 25 respectively, with the Moon transiting on the sign of Capricorn in its Waning phase. This type of Lunation on this sign, will help you to improve almost permanently, any type of legal situation that you could maintain for a long time pending a definition. It will also be a very good time for high value purchases and sales. The Arcane that will govern you during this week will be Justice, the number will be 8 and the weekly color will be Carmín.


The professional as well as the work plane, would continue with a good appearance during the next days, as new and good opportunities will continue to appear. However, it would be very wise to try to improve more and more the possibilities already given in the past, in order to gain a foothold on something and to grow your finances constantly. The weekly charter will be La Temperance.


Within the sentimental field, you will have to be more attentive than ever, since people outside the couple, could try to push a litigation without more meaning, which would be based mostly on jealousy. In this opportunity it would be convenient to try to appeal to your emotional intelligence to avoid greater conflicts with the beloved person. The Arcanum that will govern you during this week in the plane of love will be The House of God.


Physical health would gradually improve some discomfort caused days ago, on the other hand, it would be wise to start with a new type of food always consulting with a specialist in the field. Something of rest will help to the total reconstruction of the organs that could have been affected. The card that will govern you during these days will be EL Carro.

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