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Virgo horoscope

Week from june 17th to june 23th


The best days of the week for the Virginians will be, respectively, 19 and 20, with the Moon transiting your sign in its Crescent phase. Ideal to organize projects for the home, buy and sell, as long as you can take care of the expenses that should not be excessive in any case. Also the astral aspect will be of a very good energy to start formalizing some form of saving. The Arcanum that will rule you will be The Priestess, this letter would be predicting an intellectual success, as it could also be a favorable mental result. The number belonging to the week will be 2 and the color the old pin


The labor field could find an unexpected evolution in it, given that the evolution comes from a site that was not in the best circumstances in relation to you. The concentration and commitment that you will have will be the maximum and will give you really positive results to collect a priori. The Arcanum that will govern you next week will be The Hermit, this letter prevents you from making work change movements. It also predicts the possibility of recycling in this area, getting a new course that makes them evolve in management.


The sentimental level will not be the best of the week, some discussions with the couple, could make you feel something sad after a few days. In the case of living with it, it would be wise to appeal to the dialogue before judging it. The card that will govern you in the emotional field will be the Temperance in its inverted position, this predicts the divergences with the couple, if they manage to connect through communication it will be a transitory stage.


Health will be a plane that you should be careful, especially with sudden changes in climate. Those born under this sign, would be more predisposed during these days to catch some simple diseases although annoying. The astral aspect would indicate that, seeking to be disciplined, you can avoid several situations of these characteristics. The card that will govern you during these days will be El Carro, it augurs some possible problem in health.

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