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Virgo horoscope

Week from february 25th to march 03th


A somewhat unstable week ending the same given the Lunar aspect. In the first half everything would go calmly, although the second, arriving at the end of the week, some complex and somewhat uneven situations could be. The days in which you will be most uncomfortable will be 2 and 3 respectively with the Moon transiting your own sign in its Full and Waning phase. The Arcanum that governs you this week is The Emperor, that although it is a positive letter, announces that you will have to make a lot of effort to achieve it. Your weekly number is 2 and the color that will accompany you in good lu


In the labor field, changes appear, what would not be advisable is to take those changes without thinking before doing it. The people who are in your environment will be some more reliable than others to delegate tasks, for that reason the most wise would be to make a somewhat profound review before being more relaxed and others do. The Arcanum that will govern you during these days will be La Luna, this letter would indicate that you should rethink your position of work, it would be the right moment to begin with the changes of positions.


The moment of ruptures or emotional beginnings will not be necessary to be able to find happiness in this terrain. The Virginians, you will be unstable emotionally, it would be convenient to move away momentarily from the most serious and complex decisions. The Arcanum that governs you during this week is The Judgment, this letter would be indicating that it is not a good moment to start with new relationships, since they could be contaminated by the lack of security that you will be going through. Just a little more patience so that everything goes well.


Health should be more careful in the second half of the week than during the first. Although do not fail to remember that the accumulation of energy should be throughout the week so that when you reach the most unstable times, you are stronger to face them. The most affected sector will be the emotional and nervous. The card that governs you is El Inverted Hanged, this Arcane shows you and tries to prevent the neglect that you might have given the events. Not to lower your arms and to fight to feel better, this will only be a small bad stage.

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