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Virgo horoscope

Week from october 22th to october 28th


A week very instable for Virginian in its beginning. Later, the situation will change favorably after the half of the week. The best day to make important decisions will be 25, 26 and 27 respectively, with the Moon transiting Capricorn, ideal for short trips, weather pleasure or work.


In the laboral plan the situation could be more beneficial than you thought. Some new offers appearing in your lives, will create doubts in you with respect what to do or don’t do. The more recommendable would be to stay in a peaceful mood and this way observe what is not at plain sight and don’t rush decisions.


The week will have up and downs in the sentimental terrain, however, ups will be higher than downs, since it will be a perfect Lunation to start to plan all of that related to a relationship with greater commitment and the tendency to increase the family. All should be well analyzed before taking any steps.


Health will have to be under surveillance to avoid feelings of sudden changes. People around you could notice some changes in your temper. However, the clearer would be that you could go through a few days of animic setbacks although it will not be to complex to resolve. Just be patient.

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