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Queen of Pentacles
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This Queen, is surrounded by roses, itís an emblem for fertility and productivity on a vital level. The symbols for love and sexuality, and the goat in reality is a symbol of survival and fertility, by its association with Pan, the god, decorate her throne. The tree in top of her and the ground underneath her feet are rich in flowers and ripe plants of all kind.
Her look seems to want to penetrate the secret of the material world and melt with it, find its spiritual riches. The color of her clothes and the card in general evoke The Magician. But unlike this one, The Queen transforms the material world by joining it, penetrating its secrets and observing even the more intimate. She represents creative strength that transforms the universe and moves it to keep on going.
The Queen of Pentacles can represent a maternal figure in your life that can give you loving and richer support to help you get things through the influence of her past. She could be a teacher, a counselor, a mentor or somebody thatís close to you. Alternatively, it could represent a part of yourself, above all if you are investing much of yourself on raising and care of others and the creation of a life style comfortable and stablished.

Suggestions Queen of Pentacles:

The Queen of Pentacles represents prosperity and safety. She suggests that you have worked hard to generate a financial or physical security, that at the same time gives you the capacity to be generous with everyone else and share their wealth and prosperity with your loved ones. You have used your financial prosperity to build a comfortable environment that it is centered in the investment of your family as well as your personal richness.

Negative aspects Queen of Pentacles:

Woman with an imbalance in her life; or depends too much on others or others depend to much of her. Insecurity, lack of confidence in oneself. Not developing the capacity that one has. Economical or material difficulties that opposed to our projects, dependency, you feel easily hurt, offended or refused.

keywords: Queen of Pentacles:

Riches, Generosity, security, Freedom, Grace, Dignity, Prosperity

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