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STRENGTH: This card urges us to observe those areas that we can efficiently our strength . Every person has a different strength. There are some people who have a convincing oratory strength, others the enthusiastic strength, and others the strength of an artistic or creative potential. This card invites to examine our strength and to build them up in depth consciously and practicing them assiduously.

This arcane is related to the inner control that we Humans have, the will power, the control over oneself, the interior strength, the right use of energy that our body and mind generates. Also with the power of seduction, mastery, heroism and the power of determination. The creative power is linked to the great effort we exert to extract that positive energy from our interior.

This card, let us understand that that we must have a dominant character in case we face difficult situations. It reveals that patience is the best ally that courage as a quality of character could have, only with tolerance we can face any adversity. Strength symbolizes patience, love and strength in itself.

Suggestions Strength:

Light a candle to renew your link with fire(spirituality).
Put your knowledge into action.
Develop your will.
Walk over embers.
Tie your head to your heart, and your heart to your will.

Negative aspects Strength:

Vague, aggressive. brutal, sensual and violent strength, vanity, too passionate, impulsive, too generous, magnificent, meddler, condescending, luxury, conceited, sensuality, ostentatious, uncontrollable.

keywords: Strength:

Vigilance, compassionate, indulgent, warmth/heat, generosity, combustion, courage, intervention, proud/pride, tendency to dramatize, creativity, challenges, helpful and affectionate, outstanding vision, loyalty, sovereign.

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