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The Chariot
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THE CHARIOT: This card symbolizes success, power and social position. Besides, indicates that our fortune is determined by destiny, by right decisions and our good social contacts who have been determinant to get to our goal.

The Chariot card talks about frontiers, marking lines and barriers. People enclose their garden and create psychological spaces around their bodies there is a broad corporeal language regarding this matter. People cross their arm when they feel that somebody else has invaded their space. They can even cross their legs, step back or press their lips in front of an aggressive individual. There is also an expression that says "good fencing makes good neighbors". If no fences are present, we start messing with alien space and that single fact causes strain.

The Chariot warn us that we have to start by living in the present, current moment. Past only confuses us. To reach future objectives, to get to the point where you can do everything you want to realize in life, you need to live in the present.

Suggestions The Chariot:

Isolate your house.
Convert your space into a safe place(house, car, etc.).
Remember your objective every single day. Define your position at work, home, with friends, etc.

Learn to foresee and avoid problems before they arise.
Trace frontiers when needed. Learn to finish your homework. Focus in your goals.

Negative aspects The Chariot:

Variable moods, unable to finish homework, feels threatened, overprotective, cruel, lack of respect for other people's personal space, invader, stubborn, protects feelings with a shield, absent minded, sorrow, unable to show emotions, disability, dispersed, in every direction, a tow, refuses excessive or insufficient weight, skin allergies, disconnected, emotional, worries, confusion, loses, lack of personal barriers.

keywords: The Chariot:

Confrontation, resolution, determined, home sweet home, link, maternal, protection, bodyguard, egocentric, the Altar, fortress, strata, intentions, selective, tenacity, appreciation, knows what he/she wants, explorer.

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