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The Devil
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THE DEVIL: The Devil represents all of that which is negative and stop us. Do we blame of our lack of determination to or success to negative things? Are those barriers real or do we believe in them to sabotage ourselves? The card of the devil refers to lack of clairvoyance. people can stuck on this card as in any other, but in this case its really gloomy. People who got stuck on their sense of guilt are their worst devil. They punish themselves with disease, depression and poverty.

The devil card make us to confront our own negative attitude, and to see ourselves in a more positive way. We need to love and accept ourselves and stop judging and censuring us. To be excessively self satisfied is one thing and resist to accept beauty, strength, and personal wisdom, another one. If you stumble with temptation, contradiction, doubt or adversity, hold your faith in the sacred fire that lie inside you. Convince yourself that nobody, or nothing can extinguish or take away that fire from you.

In a reading, The Devil manifests destiny(good or bad), Power of seduction, blind impulse, temptation and obsession. Sexual deflection in a confessional mental state. uncontrolled carnal passion.

Suggestions The Devil:

When you have doubts about your actions, observe your motivation.
Don't impose your will or opinions upon everybody else.
Don't punish for pleasure.
Do not annul.
Learn to laugh at problems.
Be kind to others and yourself
Divine energy is the only power able to overcome evil.
Love principles harmonize everything. Learn to love.
Get rid of ties being aware of your freedom to choose.

Enhance your self esteem.

Negative aspects The Devil:

Ignorance, greed, envy, too much pride, intolerant, power misuse, manipulation, hate, repression, false purpose, bad temper, pessimist, defeatism, self punishment, , corporeal punishment, tyrannical, egotism, need to test people, stubborn, need for domination, he will show that you are wrong, cancellation, negation, doesn't respect everybody else's rights, rigid/inflexible, cunning, evil, complex/spider web, informer, bad habits, /sadist, fatalism, misery.

keywords: The Devil:

Thinker, change of mind, reflex, indulgent/tolerant, compares, future, serious, respect, structure, prudent, calculated, conventional, worker, disciplined, responsible, reserved.

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