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The Empress
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THE EMPRESS : Teaches as how to love. Love is what makes our life to grow and develop. Her only purpose is to love for the fun of it. Perfect love acts without thinking about love. She is the goddess of unconditional love. Without her, all would be dark and lifeless. Instead of darkness and fatality, The Empress fills our life with feelings and emotions, joy, happiness and satisfaction. Is the elixir of eternal life.

She is the mother of all, goddess of Earth, goddess of fertility. She loves children and every creature in the world are her children. Love manifests through the most tender feeling. The most affectionate look and the sweeter words.

Unlike The High Priestess, The Empress represents the physical world(tangible). The Empress teaches us to know our emotions and feelings through self expression. She shows us that every person is beautiful in itself and does not need to change. She remind us that we shouldn't react negatively to life hardships.

Suggestions The Empress:

Do what you always wished to do (poetry, photography, etc.). Learn to use herbs and plants with a healing purpose.
Give love to all and everyone.
Listen to the harmonious sound of nature.
Be aware of your body needs.
Be in deep contact with nature.
Remodel your house or apartment.
Imagine that you plant a seed. That seed represents an ability that you need to develop. Intensify the experience with real images. Observe what you feel. Later, let the seed grow inside you.

Negative aspects The Empress:

Lack of strength, abandon oneself, overprotective, shy, too sweet, fear of loneliness, fearful of affection provided, self-pity/ compassion, antipathy, dependency, she feels easily hurt, offended or rejected.

keywords: The Empress:

Empathy, goodness/ kindness, wisdom, affection/sweetness, kisses, hugs and cuddles, hobbies, charming family, politeness, warm, reproduction, midwife, equable, patient, pregnancy, harvest, laudatory, friendliness, discrete, selfless, abundance, thankfulness, compassion, fellowship, inner beauty, a rose, self esteem, protective, worried and selfless for everyone else, revealing.

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