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The Fool
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THE FOOL: To the Fool, life is an adventure, he dares to explore new lands, to take action, to seek our truth and live life like an adventure.
We need to do new things in life, to fill our life with knowledge.

The Fool challenges to explore new territories and frontiers. Our life is full of situations that replace true adventure. There's always an excuse or justification for our inaction: We are always expecting things or somebody else to entertain us.

According to The Fool, life is a game. The purpose of every game is to have fun. We can learn by playing. We need to do new things in life. We need to broaden our frontiers. If we are pleased with our actual situation, we won't be interested in discover new things. The quality of The Fool needs to be directed, not abolished, as so many times happens in our modern society.

The Fool remind us that we have to encourage our individuality, not risk it. He feels an instinctive aversion for authority and hates to be ordered by anyone.. He needs a broad space for him. Hates routine and continually wishes for new things to happen around him. He could easily attract eccentric people, unpredictable and uncommitted. His best characteristics are dynamism and his ability to act.

The Fool learns from his mistakes. That's his secret.
His favorite tool is laughter. The Fool trusts totally in what the universe offers. He's not afraid. he doesn't regret what could or could not be. He already crossed that river. He creates his future in the present moment, not in the past or the future. Past and future are an unnecessary burden. The Fool travels with light baggage because he carries all he needs. The Fool lives a simple life.
Simplicity is the key of life!

Suggestions The Fool:

Break down routine. Express yourself.
Talk to new people.
Show yourself able to explore new ways of thinking.
Have a simple life.
Show a live interest for everything.
Overcome your fears, accept them. Fear is the result of a separation between man's consciousness and God's consciousness.
Change your hairstyle or make up.
Live life everyday as a new unit of time.
Don't wait people's approval to do your things.

Negative aspects The Fool:

Irregular, chaotic, irresponsible, naive, careless, eccentric, evasive, doesn't appear, perplexity, elusive, out of control, madness, rebel, crisis in old age, marginal, handicap, illusory, invisible, stupid, disorganized, reckless, disconcerting, lack of focus, lack of commitment.

keywords: The Fool:

absurd, versatile, fast reaction, enthusiastic, spontaneous, young heart, unpredictable, rooky, different/atypical, inventive, experiment, take or assume risks, revolutionary, innovative, lend a hand, happy, drastic, lucky factor, playful, euphoric, individual freedom, unexpected, illusory, disagreement with the universe, party, new ideas, extrovert.

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