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The Lovers
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THE LOVERS : in The Lovers card we find all the dimension of love, attraction, desire and sexuality. It's a great card! This card leads us to contemplate people who we are attracted to or who are attracted to us. This tarot arcane is the expression of two opposite beings that desire each other and who are mutually attracted.

This card help us to observe our problems in the field of love and sexuality. When we face an obstacle, do we let it stop us or do we focus on the intensity of our wish for satisfaction and overcome the obstacle with the power of our intention? Many people live unsatisfied because they ignore what it takes to find love. They don't want to bother or are afraid to hurt people's feelings. to experience what this card offers, we need to be willing to pay the price.

The Lovers card is warning us about the danger of sexual jealousy, because they are responsible for so many terrible events that happen in this world.

Suggestions The Lovers:

Determine in what place can you find the right couple for you, somebody who share your way of life.
Show yourself ready to give and receive love.
Speak clearly with your couple.
When you look for somebody, listen to yourself.
find more information about your couple before you get engaged seriously.
Sooner or later, the love that you feel for your couple will be tested in different ways to check your patience and benevolence. have you passed the time test?
Don't handle your relationship according to rigid expectations. Be flexible and creative.

Negative aspects The Lovers:

Promiscuity, love affairs, look for pleasure only, obsessive relationship, opposite sex aversion, thinks that all men and women are alike, emotional dependency, stressful, fickle, excessive flirting, inquisitive, too rational for love, criticizing to the lover behind his or her back., "love is blind", lack of trust, secret lover, imaginary lover, lack of commitment, whimsical, reads to many love stories, too many expectations in a relationship, manipulator.

keywords: The Lovers:

Soul, mood, exchange, good understanding, intense relationship, intimacy, proximity, considerate, commodity, fidelity, comrade, emotional safety, union, enjoyment, friendship, same goals.

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