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The Moon
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THE MOON: The Moon represents subconscious, the kingdom of dreams, fears, remembrance, every single thought not connected with the here and now. It covers hopes and fears of the future and memories of things that happened. Psychologists call subconscious the dark side, because it holds hidden emotions and feelings that seem to have an irrational influence in our behavior.

The Moon represents fear to the unknown. It could be discouraging to observe our own subconscious. It's hard to reach it because we have surround it with shields to protect it. He is at the bottom of our mind.

The Moon shows a distorted reality. Things are not exactly as they look. Think, when you walk under the moon, is easy to imagine yourself surrounded by all kinds of ghosts . Suddenly, a strange noise sounds , somebody hides behind a bush, a tree follows you . It's your imagination. Everything goes out of proportion. The shadow of a squirrel turns into a dragon. That's what we experience when we walk under The Moon's influence. We are moved by our imagination.

Suggestions The Moon:

Try to be aware of your reactions and feelings.
Analyze your dreams. Keep a record of them.
Dedicate time to listen to your inner self.
Keep your feet on the ground, don't let emotions and imagination get you.
Learn to recognize and try your feelings and emotions.
Remember that the majority of your fears will never realize.
Accept yourself as you are.

Negative aspects The Moon:

Susceptible, irritable, psychosomatic diseases, too sensible, immature, lives in a dream land, self denial, abuse, love and hate conflict, madness, claims, delirium, tension, premenstrual, tendency to dramatize, vulnerability, absorbs people's negativity, madness, asylum, unstable, escapes, vague, impressionable, undecided, sentimental, delirium, aberrant, anguish, fear to darkness, subliminal, fear to deep waters, affected, kisses under the moon.

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