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The Sun
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THE SUN: The Sun represents heat, light and life. Without light we would live in a state of permanent darkness. Without heat, air would be cold. Earth would be a sad and desolate place. Without the vibrant and exuberant presence of the Sun nothing could grow or develop.
The Sun card refers to the work we do as individuals and emphasize the importance of work in itself. Without work, people get discourage, become depress and lack interest. The Moral is related directly to productivity. The more productive a person feels, the higher his moral is.
The sun is life, energy, vitality, ego and desire to reach out. The Sun card means liberation and new beginnings. The Sun is the source of our power. It is known as our daylight star.

Suggestions The Sun:

Don't abuse the sunlight. Solar beams are beneficial in small dose but damaging in bigger dose.
Capture the Sun's presence every day and be thankful for it.
Learn to utilize solar energy.
Only the luminous way of wisdom leads to the truth.
Learn to be like the Sun. Love like the Sun does.
Make your thoughts as luminous as the Sun is.
Grow and evolve as the Sun.

Negative aspects The Sun:

Burns, too much extension, stinging, desert, things that dry, blindness, energy waste.

keywords: The Sun:

Frank, authentic, beauty, happiness, creative, luminous, alive, penetration, celebration, harmonious, irradiates, vacations, love, definite.

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