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Wheel of Fortune
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THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE : is an ancient symbol representing fortune and misfortune. It has too many names: Wheel of Destiny, Wheel of Life or Wheel of time. The Wheel covers several aspects of our lives. Don't we ask ourselves, why there are people luckiest than others? Can we change it? Or do we have to live it again in order to learn from it?
This card symbolizes that everyone of us have a lot to do in our path through life, but this life has to do with fortune 's ways too, even though sometimes things seem to be caused by accident. These hazardous games are part of the vital fabric. It can represent unexpected turns of destiny too as well as the life cycles that are repeated.
The Wheel of Fortune doesn't provide forcefully with what we just want, but with those that we need to progress. At times, it seems that we lose control, that we are going through different incidents or experiences that sometimes make no sense at all. In many ways, we can't stop The Wheel, we have to get to the end. The Wheel changes the way we handle our fortune.

Suggestions Wheel of Fortune:

Value your good fortune; appreciate what you have.
Be happy of other people's fortune.
Don't promise more than you could comply with.
Build up your faith.
Be moderate in what you do.
Wish good look to everybody else.
Be patient, be faithful, work with love and help will reach you from in and outside.

Negative aspects Wheel of Fortune:

Too optimistic, up and downs, upside down, looks for destiny's protection, drinks or eats in excess, Same difficulties always arise, great promises, forgets his or her promises, decrease.

keywords: Wheel of Fortune:

Cycles, cheerful, opportunities, disguised, quiet, credulous, charity, the best, present, sense of humor, a proof of faith, popular/sociable, abundance.

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